NCL Division One results ands table



Saddleworth Rangers 34-24 York Acorn


Milford 22-31 Myton Warriors- Two tries from Daniel Precious as well as individual efforts from Andrew Oades, Kristopher Walker and Liam Welham won the game for Myton. Milford responded through two tries by Jake Payne and individual efforts from Joshua Sunley and Thomas Wilson, but they lose ground in the race for the playoffs.

Oulton Raiders 32-26 Dewsbury Moor Maroons- Tries from Joshua Murray, Andrew Tillett, Dominic Flanagan, William Milner and James Cruickshank won the game for the struggling Raiders. The Maroons responded through tries by  Bradley Adams, James Christian, Archie Bruce, George Croisdale and Danny Maun but they are still searching for their first win of the season.

Pilkington Recs 26-6 Stanningley

Skirlaugh 24-10 Wigan St Patricks

  1. Pilkington Recs 18
  2. York Acorn 14
  3. Wigan St Patricks 12
  4. Milford 12
  5. Skirlaugh 12
  6. Featherstone Lions 10
  7. Myton Warriors 10
  8. Normanton Knights 8
  9. Oulton Raiders 8
  10. Stanningley 8
  11. Saddleworth Rangers 3
  12. Dewsbury Moor Maroons 0

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