Ottawa ‘agree in principle’ to enter League 1 in 2020


The decision to relocate Hemel Stags to Ottawa has been ‘agreed in principle’ by the RFL.

Despite this, the RFL have said work would need to be done before it is completely confirmed. Something which the consortium behind the new Canadian side have agreed to.

Also discussed at the meeting was the New York licence. The RFL have said they can enter League One in 2021.

The reason for the delay is because to enter them in 2020 would cause the club ‘undue pressure’ and a change in the ownership structure would be needed to ensure the club would be able to survive if they are admitted.

The Stags would follow the footsteps of the Toronto Wolfpack in joining the English Rugby League pyramid. They are also both owned by the same man; Eric Perez, who is also the chairman of the Canadian Rugby League federation.

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