NCL Division One Round Up: Acorn keep the pace, Maroons yet to get off mark


Dewsbury Moor Maroons 18-34 Milford

Featherstone Lions 36-10 Oulton Raiders

Myton Warriors 12-18 York Acorn

Saddleworth Rangers 26-32 Skirlaugh- Two tries for Tom Saltmer and individual efforts from Jay Lennon, Sam Roe, Carl Puckering, Nathan Slater and Daniel Kitchen won the game for Skirlaugh. The Rangers responded with tries from Steven Nield, Daniel Bowker, Josh Bradbury and Michael Coates, but they cant claim a second straight victory.

Stanningley 34-20 Normanton Knights- Two tries for Tim Davies and individual efforts by Jack Smith, Liam Copland, Edward Crossland and Luke Townend earned a much needed victory for Stanningley. The Knights responded with tries from Connor Taylor, Lee Hammond and Stuart Biscomb but they continue to struggle after relegation.

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League Table

  1. Pilkington Recs 20
  2. York Acorn 16
  3. Featherstone Lions 14
  4. Milford 14
  5. Skirlaugh 14
  6. Wigan St Patricks 12
  7. Stanningley 10
  8. Myton Warriors 9
  9. Normanton Knights 8
  10. Oulton Raiders 8
  11. Saddleworth Rangers 3
  12. Dewsbury Moor Maroons 0

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