NCL Division Three: Battle at the top intensifies


Drighlington 19-21 Hunslet Warriors

Eastmoor Dragons 10-38 Oldham St Annes- Two tries for Callum Cashin and Joe Hartley as well as individual efforts from Jaimie Dalloway, Matthew Whitehead and Kendal Davies won the game for St Annes. The Dragons responded with tries from Adrian Mulcahy and Daniel Johnson, but it wasn’t enough.

Gateshead Storm 16-29 Batley Boys

Hensingham 18-28 Dewsbury Celtic- A hat trick for Anthony Dunford, two tries for Nathan Waring and another for Ethan Ferry won the game for Celtic. The home side responded with tries from Callum Tunstall, Callum Morgan, Steven Smith and Ben Rogerson, but missed conversions ended up costing them.

Millom 6-18 Heworth- Two tries each for Gareth Watson and Fergus Chapman won the game for the away side. Tom Sibley responded for the Cumbrians but it wasn’t enough for them.

Waterhead Warriors 28-34 Leigh East

Woolston Rovers 46-6 Salford City Roosters

League Table

  1. Hunslet Warriors 21
  2. Dewsbury Celtic 20
  3. Woolston Rovers 19
  4. Batley Boys 17
  5. Leigh East 16
  6. Heworth 14
  7. Waterhead Warriors 14
  8. Drighlington 12
  9. Oldham St Annes 9
  10. Millom 8
  11. Eastmoor Dragons 8
  12. Gateshead Storm 8
  13. Hensingham 7
  14. Salford City Roosters 5

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