NCL Premier Review: West Hull remain unbeaten, Kells off the bottom


Egremont Rangers 32-6 Rochdale Mayfield

Leigh Miners Rangers 0-22 Wath Brow Hornets- Two tries for Francis King and individual efforts from Karl Dixon and Jamie Devine earned the resounding win for the Hornets, who stay second.

Kells 24-20 Thornhill Trojans- Two tries for Tyrone Dalton and other efforts from Barry Boyd and Troy Armstrong earned a crucial win for Kells. The Trojans responded with two tries each for Jack Gledhill and Jake Wilson but they fall to the bottom of the league.

West Hull 16-10 Thatto Heath Crusaders

Underbank Rangers 13-6 Lock Lane

League Table

  1. West Hull 21
  2. Wath Brow Hornets 19
  3. Egremont Rangers 14
  4. Hunslet Club Parkside 14
  5. Underbank Rangers 14
  6. Thatto Heath Crusaders 12
  7. Lock Lane 12
  8. Siddal 8
  9. Rochdale Mayfield 5
  10. Leigh Miners Rangers 5
  11. Kells 4
  12. Thornhill Trojans 5

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