NCL Division One Review: Recs remain three points clear at the top, Maroons remain bottom

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Featherstone Lions 58-6 Wigan St Patricks

Milford 32-12 Saddleworth Rangers

Myton Warriors 26-6 Oulton Raiders

Normanton Knights 18-46 York Acorn

Pilkington Recs 20-12 Skirlaugh- Tries from Owain Abel, Tom Connick and Josh Lynch and two penalties from Kyran Knapper won the game for the home side. Nathan Slater and Paul Roberts responded for a young Skirlaugh side, who also lost two players to broken legs.

Stanningley 28-16 Dewsbury Moor Maroons- Two tries for Liam Copland and other tries for Edward Crossland, Stephen Welton and Tyler Hart won the game for Stanningley. The Maroons responded with tries from Aiden Ineson, Connor Vickers and Archie Bruce but they couldn’t back up last weeks win.

League Table

  1. Pilkington Recs 22
  2. York Acorn 19
  3. Milford 18
  4. Featherstone Lions 17
  5. Skirlaugh 16
  6. Wigan St Patricks 14
  7. Stanningley 12
  8. Myton Warriors 11
  9. Normanton Knights 8
  10. Oulton Raiders 8
  11. Saddleworth Rangers 5
  12. Dewsbury Moor Maroons 2

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