NCL Premier Preview: Title race heating up as top four play each other

Siddal vs. Rochdale Mayfield- Siddal hoping to improve their playoff chances. Rochdale hoping to get away from trouble.

Underbank Rangers vs. Leigh Miners Rangers- Underbank hoping to improve playoff chances, Leigh Miners hoping to ease relegation fears

Egremont Rangers vs. West Hull- Rangers hoping to keep playoff place, West Hull hoping to return to the top

Thatto Heath Crusaders vs. Thornhill Trojans- Crusaders hoping to put pressure on Egremont Rangers above them. Trojans hoping to ease relegation worries

Hunslet Club Parkside vs. Wath Brow Hornets- Parkside hoping to keep the pressure on the top two, Hornets hoping to stay top.

Lock Lane vs. Kells- Lock Lane hoping to put pressure on the teams above, Kells looking to get off the bottom

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