NCL Division Three Review: Warriors back on top

Dewsbury Celtic 20-20 Woolston Rovers

Eastmoor Dragons 20-26 Millom

Gateshead Storm 16-30 Drighlington- A hat trick for Daniel Sanderson and other efforts from Jake Dearden and Ryan Burton won the game for the Cumbrians. The Storm responded with two tries from Alex Ruff and another for Tom Rowe, but they were well beaten on the day.

Oldham St Annes 8-28 Hunslet Warriors– A hat trick for Liam Brown and other efforts from Tyler Dargan and Daryl Gaunt won the game for the Warriors. The Saint responded with a try from Jack McCarthy, but it wasn’t enough for them.

Salford City Roosters 12-26 Hensingham

Waterhead Warriors 20-24 Batley Boys

Leigh East 14-22 Heworth

League Table

  1. Hunslet Warriors 27
  2. Woolston Rovers 26
  3. Batley Boys 25
  4. Dewsbury Celtic 23
  5. Heworth 22
  6. Leigh East 20
  7. Drighlington 17
  8. Waterhead Warriors 16
  9. Hensingham 13
  10. Millom 10
  11. Oldham St Annes 10
  12. Gateshead Storm 10
  13. Eastmoor Dragons 8
  14. Salford City Roosters 7

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