NCL Division Two Review: Askam off the bottom

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Askam 32-16 Clock Face Miners

Ince Rose Bridge 34-26 Hull Dockers- Tries from Daniel Dainty, Daniel Farnworth, Calum Hughes, Connor Matthews, Matthew Meaden and Jack Morrison claimed the win for Ince. The Dockers responded with two tries from Daniel Suddaby and others for Dylan Rawlings, Craig Cook and Jonathan McCloud, but they fell just short.

West Bowling 62-0 Shaw Cross Sharks

Bradford Dudley Hill 28-6 Crosfields

East Leeds 22-30 Barrow Island

Beverley 12-26 Wigan St Judes

League Table

  1. Ince Rose Bridge 26
  2. West Bowling 24
  3. Wigan St Judes 21
  4. Barrow Island 19
  5. Bradford Dudley Hill 19
  6. Beverley 17
  7. Hull Dockers 17
  8. Crosfields 14
  9. Clock Face Miners 10
  10. East Leeds 6
  11. Askam 6
  12. Shaw Cross Sharks 5

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