NCL Premier Review: Top two both lose

Siddal 26-24 Rochdale Mayfield

Underbank Rangers 62-6 Leigh Miners Rangers

Egremont Rangers 20-16 West Hull- Two tries for Marcus Brien and another for Fraser McNee earned the win for the Rangers. West Hull responded with tries from Benn Arbon, Jack Lazenby and Robert Tyson but it is a third straight defeat for them.

Thatto Heath Crusaders 26-6 Thornhill Trojans

Hunslet Club Parkside 18-0 Wath Brow Hornets- Two tries for Connor Squires and another for Ben Shulver earned a huge win for the Hunslet club.

Lock Lane 25-12 Kells

League Table

  1. Wath Brow Hornets 23
  2. West Hull 23
  3. Hunslet Club Parkside 22
  4. Egremont Rangers 18
  5. Thatto Heath Crusaders 18
  6. Underbank Rangers 16
  7. Lock Lane 16
  8. Siddal 14
  9. Leigh Miners Rangers 7
  10. Thornhill Trojans 6
  11. Rochdale Mayfield 5
  12. Kells 4

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