NWML Division Three Review: Title race intensifies

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Leigh East A 24-0 Eccleston Lions

Burtonwood Bridge 32-22 Roose Pioneers- Tries from Robbie Batty, Aidan Doyle, Ryan Farnan, Oliver Morrisey, Jos Blackburn-Woods and Luke Parkinson won the game for Bridge. The Pioneers responded with two tries from Jack Torkington and another for Saul Doherty but it wasn’t enough for them.

Crosfields A 14-42 Wigan Spring View

Culcheth Eagles 12-46 Thatto Heath Crusaders B

Woolston Rovers A 34-18 Wigan Bulldogs

League Table

  1. Thatto Heath Crusaders B 18
  2. Leigh East A 17
  3. Wigan Spring View 16
  4. Crosfields A 12
  5. Burtonwood Bridge 11
  6. Wigan Bulldogs 10
  7. Woolston Rovers A 8
  8. Roose Pioneers 8
  9. Culcheth Eagles 6
  10. Eccleston Lions -2

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