OPINION: Where should the Championship Grand Final be played?

There have been a few murmurings in the rugby league media over the last few days about where the Championship Grand Final should be played, at the home of the highest ranked team, or at a neutral venue?

It was always the problem with the Million Pound Game for me, the fact that it was at the home of the highest ranked team. You could argue that they had an advantage already for a huge game.

However, in saying that, only one of the Million Pound Games finished with a home winner, when Wakefield Trinity beat Bradford Bulls in 2015, so you could argue as well that there is more pressure on the home team to perform in front of their own fans.

The only trouble is in a league where there are teams from other countries competing, finding a neutral venue that benefits both teams could well be difficult.

For example, if the Grand Final is between Toronto Wolfpack and Toulouse, then there is no rugby league neutral ground within a reasonable distance of the two.

Some are also arguing they are only thinking about this now because there is a very big possibility that the Wolfpack will be top seed heading into the playoffs.

If all the teams were in the same country, then it would be easy to find a neutral venue, for example, Headingley has been used a lot in the past, and it made sense as teams were within a reasonable distance to the stadium.

Personally, I do not think it is possible to have a neutral venue in this instance. Purely because of the logistical differences of having teams play on the other side of the world.

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