Kingstone Press NCL Review: New Leaders in Divisions One and Three

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Premier Division

Underbank Rangers 30-6 West Hull

Leigh Miners Rangers 0-56 Siddal

Rochdale Mayfield 12-25 Wath Brow Hornets

Egremont Rangers 44-6 Kells- Two tries for John-Paul Brocklebank and Kieran Glenn as well as other efforts from Matthew Bewsher, Fraser McNee, Matthew Henson and Michael Ellwood claimed an important win for the Rangers. Scott Lofthouse replied for Kells, but they remain deep in trouble.

Thornhill Trojans 0-8 Hunslet Club Parkside

Lock Lane 10-56 Thatto Heath Crusaders- A hat trick from Ben Heyes, two tries for Corey Lee and Bobbie Goulding, as well as individual efforts from Jamie Tracey, Connor Dwyer and Adam Carr claimed a brilliant away victory for the Crusaders. Lock Lane responded with efforts from Curtis MacDonald and Craig Savage, but they were well beaten.

Division One

Dewsbury Moor Maroons 0-48 Oulton Raiders- A hat trick for Will Milner, two tries for Halam Day and other efforts from Josh Murray, Adrian Holdsworth and Liam Wiggins claimed a huge win for the Raiders.

Normanton Knights 22-36 Wigan St Patricks

Pilkington Recs 26-10 Featherstone Lions

Skirlaugh 25-14 Saddleworth Rangers

Stanningley 44-4 Milford

York Acorn 46-4 Myton Warriors- Two tries for Nick Speck and other efforts from Martin Pedersen-Scott, Josh Parker, Tim Stubbs, Adam Endersby, Jordan Hyde, Joe Budd and Ben Tenge won the game for York. Myton responded with a try from Liam Ward, but they continue to slide down the table.

Division Two

Beverley 12-42 West Bowling

Askam 24-50 Wigan St Judes

Ince Rose Bridge 34-24 Clock Face Miners

Hull Dockers 60-10 Shaw Cross Sharks

Crosfields 50-6 East Leeds

Division Three

Gateshead Storm 24-24 Dewsbury Celtic

Batley Boys 32-18 Eastmoor Dragons

Drighlington 30-18 Leigh East

Hensingham 20-32 Waterhead Warriors

Heworth P-P Salford City Roosters

Oldham St Annes 40-24 Millom

Woolston Rovers 28-22 Hunslet Warriors

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