OPINION: How much notice should be given before live matches?

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The amount of notice given to teams has once again hit the headlines with Warrington Wolves vs. St Helens being moved at just two weeks notice before the match.

There was also another example recently when Hull FC’s clash against Wigan Warriors had been moved from Saturday afternoon to Thursday night with just a few weeks notice.

As a fan, it has also happened to me when I have bought a ticket for a match but then had to give it back because it has been rearranged for TV at short notice.

It should at the very least be confirmed before clubs start to sell tickets, mainly because if the tickets have already been released, most would be forgiven for assuming that that would be the final date, and start booking trains and busses for the game.

It is extremely frustrating when this happens. Especially for an away fan, because, normally when you book transport, you cannot always get a refund, so you will end up being out of pocket.

It is not fair on the fans when matches are rearranged at such short notice.

My potential solution for this would be to name televised fixtures a month in advance, this should give fans enough time to plan their trips and with enough notice, so clubs don’t sell tickets for a date that will not stick.

I just feel two weeks is not enough notice. Most clubs will have already started selling tickets by that point, and if it is a long trip, the it causes problems for fans with more not being able to go despite already buying tickets.

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