Cumbrian Rugby League Preview: Barrow and District League wraps up

Friday (6.30pm)

Barrow and District Open Age

Dalton vs. Barrow Island- Dalton hoping to finish with perfect record, Barrow could go second with a win.

Ulverston vs. Walney Central- Either side could finish second.

Iggesund Cumberland Premier Division

Hensingham vs. Ellenborough- Hensingham hoping to get off the bottom, Ellenborough hoping to stay in third.

Iggesund Cumberland Division One

Kells vs. Cockermouth Titans- Kells hoping to keep lead at the top, Titans could go second with a win.

Saturday (2.30pm)

Iggesund Cumberland Premier Division

Glasson Rangers vs. Seaton Rangers- Glasson could go third with a win, Seaton hoping to close the gap to their opponents.

Iggesund Cumberland Division One

Ellenborough A vs. Seaton Rangers A- Both sides hoping to avoid the bottom

Maryport vs. Lowca- Maryport hoping to close the gap to top spot, Lowca could go third with a win.

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