Kingstone Press NCL Roundup: Pilks up, Normanton down

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Premier Division

West Hull 22-6 Leigh Miners Rangers

Thornhill Trojans 26-30 Underbank Rangers- Two tries from Matthew Gruber and other efforts from Tom England, Daniel Hirst and William Allen won the game for the Rangers. Thornhill responded with tries from Jack Gledhill, Liam Morley, Jamie Searby and Declan Tomlinson, but they are on the brink of relegation.

Kells 0-42 Rochdale Mayfield

Thatto Heath Crusaders 46-18 Siddal- A hat trick from Connor Dwyer, two tries from Lewis Foster and Jamie Tracey and another for Jack Jones won the game for the Crusaders. Siddal responded with tries from Fred Walker, Daniel Williams and Iain Davies, but it is a second straight defeat for them.

Hunslet Club Parkside 26-4 Lock Lane

Division One

Skirlaugh 16-18 Oulton Raiders- Tries from Kieran Walpole, Robert Stanley and Halam Day earned a crucial win for the Raiders. Skirlaugh responded with a hat trick from Nathan Slater, but their losing run goes on.

Dewsbury Moor Maroons 24-42 Saddleworth Rangers

Featherstone Lions 24-10 Milford

Stanningley 26-34 Pilkington Recs- Two tries from Jonathan Frodsham and other efforts from Kyran Knapper, Mike Garrity and Jamie Smith earned Pilks promotion to the Premier Division. Stanningley responded with two tries from Ben Selby, and other efforts from Niall Murphy, Stephen Welton and Jack Sykes, but they miss the chance to get a home playoff.

Wigan St Patricks 14-18 York Acorn

Normanton Knights 16-44 Myton Warriors- Two tries from Ryan Walker and other efforts from Michael Ward, Daniel Precious, Ashley James, Riley Anderson, Daniel Spencer and Liam Ward earned a crucial win for the Warriors. Normanton responded with tries from Connor Wilson, Alex Barker and Stuart Biscomb, but their relegation to Division Two is confirmed.

Division Two

Hull Dockers 84-0 Askam- Four tries from Craig Cook, a hat trick from Peter Holmes, two tries from Chris Lyth and George Russell, and other efforts from Ben Rowan, Gary King and Jon Eccles confirmed a big win for the Dockers.

Ince Rose Bridge 18-32 Wigan St Judes- Two tries from Darryl King and other efforts from Reece Matthews, Gavin Rodden and Phil Rothwell confirmed a home semi final for Judes. Ince responded with two tries from Keiron Eccleston and other efforts from Mitchell Parr and Craig Sanby, but they end the season with a defeat.

West Bowling 32-16 Bradford Dudley Hill

Shaw Cross Sharks 28-25 Beverley

Barrow Island 32-18 Crosfields

Division Three

Dewsbury Celtic 54-0 Millom- A hat trick from Drew Clark and other efforts from Charlie Heaton, Dominic Senior, Harry Copley, Matthew Ginnelly, Danny Thomas, Danny Lee and Ethan Ferry kept Dewsbury in the automatic promotion race for another week.

Drighlington 22-8 Batley Boys- Two tries from Jake Dearden and other efforts from Daniel Sanderson and Lucas Hallas earned the win for Drighlington. Batley responded with tries from James Sheldon and Josh Ritcher, but they are out of contention for automatic promotion.

Hensingham 64-16 Gateshead Storm

Oldham St Annes 30-20 Eastmoor Dragons- Two tries from Joe Hartley and other efforts from Oliver Bryan, Jack McCarthy and Callum Fletcher won the close game for St Annes. Eastmoor responded with two tries from Shaun Upson and other efforts from Reece Nicholson and Tom Joyce, but it is another defeat for them.

Waterhead Warriors 18-23 Hunslet Warriors- Tries from Tyler Dargan, Daryl Gaunt, Matthew Scott and Liam Brown, as well as a drop goal from Jordan Gale, left the Warriors on the brink of promotion. Waterhead responded with tries from Martyn Sarsfield, Ryan Bradbury and Jacob Grady, but they fall just short.

Woolston Rovers 24-10 Heworth- Two tries from Adam Files and other efforts from Harry Files and Josh Sudlow leave the Rovers on the brink of promotion. Heworth responded with tries from Fraser West and Will Sturdy but they are out of the race for automatic promotion.

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