Marsh commits to York for 2020

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York City Knights fullback Matty Marsh has signed a deal for the 2020 season to remain at the club.

Marsh played a crucial role as the Knights managed a third placed finish in the Championship, just a year after they were promoted.

“I’m really pleased to re-sign Matty, I felt he had a good season and has plenty of development left in him. Head Coach James Ford said

“He’s still learning the details of fullback, and I was pleased by the rate of this learning.

“I genuinely believe Matty could kick in and provide us with X-Factor moments at key stages in big games – as long as his attitude remains towards hard work and learning.

“I’d like to thank the efforts of our supporters and specifically Squadbuilder for their hard work and continuing commitment, which is enabling us to plan and build for what will hopefully be another successful season.”

Marsh added: “For me, there is no better club I’d rather play for, to be part of this group and what we have achieved this year was outstanding and it was a easy decision to stay.

“We know we can improve on this year too, which is really exciting. To see the following of fans we had this year and what it meant to them was awesome and I want to stay part of that!”

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