Profit and Participation up for RFL

The RFL have announced they have made a profit for the first time in three years, and participation numbers are up.

The governing body have confirmed a £75,000 profit for 2019, after a significant loss of £327,000 in 2018. This is also despite a lack of match and broadcasting revenue totalling £1m.

Also, the cancellation of The Ashes series could end up costing the RFL £3m.

In lighter news, participation figures have risen from 102,304 in 2018, to 109,501 in 2019.

Marc Lovering, the RFL’s Director of Participation and Development, said: “This represents a third successive year of growth in this funding cycle, slightly above the Sport England target of 5% growth – and the RFL continues to make good progress against other contractual targets on which the Sport England public funding is based. 

“In terms of regular participation, we have achieved growth across our core areas of Primary, Junior, Youth and Open Age for the first time this cycle. We have seen strong growth in the schools setting. We are continuing to see rapid growth in the Women’s and Girls’ game and we are focused on ensuring that we maintain this momentum despite the challenges of the current situation. 

“Alongside inclusive sporting opportunities and high-quality talent pathways, Rugby League improves life chances and increases social mobility. Together with the Rugby League Foundations we remain committed to delivering all the wider social outcomes – in health, education and community cohesion – detailed in the Rugby League Dividend report.” 

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