Cunningham hopeful of game time in 2020

Jodie Cunningham is surrounded in action for St Helens. Credit: RL Photos

St Helens and England halfback Jodie Cunningham has said she hopes to be able to play in some format in 2020.

The women’s season was suspended without a game being played in March, and there have been plenty of ideas ans scenarios about how to restart.

Elaborating, she told League Writes: “I think there have been lots of different scenarios and options being thrown out, in terms of how we run the game now.

“There is talk about doing a Yorkshire league and a Lancashire league, with playoffs and a final, possibly some midweek games as well.

“Obviously it is different for the women’s game because we all have full-time jobs as well, so it’s just trying to balance everything. It is a complex puzzle to put in place.

“I think any game would be beneficial, even if it’s not an official or structured league. But if it was friendlies against really good opposition to ease us back in.

“We might need some rule changes to either make it easier to follow the guidelines, or to make it a safer environment for us, because we haven’t done contact training for a long time.

“For me, whether it is a structured league or not, just the ability to get a few games in against some tough opposition. The league has been brilliant over the last few years, with some really tight close games and I think that is what we need this year.”

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