Saints boss asks for government help

St Helens CEO Mike Rush has explained how the club has lost £1m in non-matchday hospitality in an open letter to Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston.

The club, as well as hosting matches, also hosts to parties, weddings and other events, that they have not been able to host due to differing government restrictions.

They say confusion in government messaging has led to them not getting the support they needed.

They ask for help from the government to help prevent further job losses at the club.

The club has also confirmed they have asked for a loan to cover the short fall.

Rush says: “We are a major employer in St Helens. In fact – St Helens Rugby League Club is the biggest employer in Rugby League. We are now managing job losses in our club family – some of which could have been avoided with clearer, consistent, and timely decision making by policy makers – and which will have a profound impact on our town.

“The reality of the inconsistency of Government decision making has serious consequences.

“We are closed. Closed to events, parties, conferences, lunches and dinners. St.Helens R.F.C. has now lost over £1m in non-match day ‘hospitality and events’ revenue. This is non-recoverable and is growing materially every day.

“The Chancellor has said ‘we cannot save every job’. Sadly, we all know that is probably right. But where a good employer is fighting tooth and nail to save them and jobs are being lost due to inflexibility, inconsistent categorisation of businesses, and last-minute changes in Government schemes – we have to speak out. Lives and livelihoods are literally at stake.”

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