Featherstone slam Toronto decision

Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell has slammed the RFL over the decision not to readmit Toronto Wolfpack.

Campbell says they always enjoyed their trips to Canada, and the decision shows the sport is at risk of allowing itself to be ran by a few elite clubs, which is dangerous.

He also reaffirmed his belief that the Rovers should take Toronto’s place in the Super League.

He said: “First of all, we are extremely disappointed to see this unfortunate situation happen with the Toronto Wolfpack, we feel it’s a missed opportunity for rugby league and we hope that when the world gets over this pandemic they can rise again stronger. 

“Everyone at Featherstone thoroughly enjoyed our encounters with Toronto over the previous two years and nobody wants to see this happen to any club. 

“Unfortunately, this outcome is the product of a self-interested league and a toothless governing body which is powered by the clubs within it, and the sport is currently at risk at being dictated by its elite sides, closing the doors to ambitious clubs at other levels. 

“We hope that the Super League sides, alongside the RFL, come up with the correct decision and show some leadership, by ensuring a 12th team competes in the 2021 Super League, whoever that may be. 

“Promotion to Super League should be decided on the pitch and not in a board room. On that basis, Featherstone Rovers has earned the right to be the 12th team in the 2021 Super League season.” 

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