Wilkin cautious over expansion plans

Toronto Wolfpack captain Jon Wilkin has said he is cautious over plans to expand following Toronto’s dismissal.

The Wolfpack were voted out of the Super League, and Wilkin believes it was the attitudes of those making the deicisons that cost them.

He said: “We are constantly looking for the weakest members of the organisation to make decisions. These votes should be weighted based on investment. McManus’ vote should count for more.

“Why would anyone get involved with rugby league?

You are restricted with the salary cap, the political undercovering means you cannot move forward.

“There were three moments that decided our fate. The Challenge Cup performance against Warrington when three players were sent off, and the game formed an opinion. The second was non-payment of players and then COVID.

“Had Super League clubs come out to Canada, have the chance to appear on TV in front of three million Canadians and feel like genuine sporting celebrities, then they may have voted for differently.

“Elstone is a traditionalist at heart. I think he had aspirations to grow the game in the south of France and a simpler way to grow the game.”

Wilkin believes that Toulouse need to be the 12th team if the sport is truly behind expansion.

He added: “A move for Toulouse would back expansion. York are also a very good club, I was very impressed by them, when we played them first game of the season.

“A good club, with a good, young coach. But their squad is probably not good enough.”

He also had a cautious message for the likes of Ottawa Aces and New York Rugby League.

He said: “The Super League said growth wasn’t viable. What would that do for my application, it would cost them millions to get up there. Would someone be honest with them and tell them not to bother?

“What is the plan to expand the game? We were rejected off a five year plan. When Toronto were let in, it is an indication you support growth of the game, not to cast it aside.

“The game needs to make a big call.”

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