RFL gets second government loan

The Rugby Football League has welcomed further Government support as part of the ‘Sport Winter Survival Package’ in the form of a £12m loan. 

The RFL continues to work with Sport England in terms of specific support for Community Rugby League, including Women’s and Girls’ Rugby League, building on the considerable assistance already received. 

Ralph Rimmer, the Chief Executive of the RFL, said: “We are grateful to Government for recognising the importance of sport in general, and Rugby League in particular, to society and the economy, and for understanding the impact of the continuing absence of spectators. 

“The Government showed in granting Rugby League an initial £16m loan in the spring that they valued the significant social impact of the sport in often disadvantaged communities. 

“The RFL and our clubs followed a rigorous process in the distribution of those loans, which have now been allocated to all 10 of the UK-based Super League clubs as well as a number in Championship and League 1, and have been invaluable in allowing them to meet the continued challenges of 2020.”

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