Lam defends decision to kick for goal

Wigan Warriors Head Coach Adrian Lam has defended his side’s decision to kick for goal in the latter stages of the Super League Grand Final.

With the game level at 4-4, Wigan got a penalty with 90 seconds to go for interference. It was just inside the Wigan half to the left of the goal.

Zak Hardaker took it, and it fell short, allowing Saints to attack and get their winning try.

Despite this, Lam defended the decision, saying thry would have been criticised had they gone for touch too.

He said: “I thought about it, and I still think it was the right decision, because we sent a message out to see if Zak was confident, and he was.

“On the flip side, if we had have gone for touch and we didnt get the field goal, everyone would have gone why didnt you go for goal?

“The problem was, we didnt chase the kick. We sent messages after messages about chasing the kick.

“I spoke to the referee, and he said at no point, did he think it was going to go voer. It was close, but it was never going over.

“Had we made that tackle on Lomax at 10m instead of 30, then I dont think Makinson would have had the opportunity to go for a field goal with the last kick of the game.”

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