Wakefield condemn players who broke COVID rules

Wakefield Trinity have said they are aware of a “small minority” of their players broke Tier 3 rules on New Years Eve.

The city of Wakefield is currently under restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. These restrictions include not mixing with other households indoors, and mixing with no more than six people outdoors.

Trinity released a statement, saying: “The Club strongly condemn any thoughtless actions that not only put the lives of others at risk, but also potentially subject our brave front line workers to further risks and place additional burdens on an already stretched NHS.

“We are extremely disappointed with the players’ actions and strongly condemn images and videos of players breaching the rules. Some people are asking, quite rightly, why these individuals feel they are exempt from following COVID protocols and rules.

“The rules are clear, and our players should be role models to the wider community. The Club is now dealing with this matter internally.”

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