Wakefield announce fines for New Years Eve breach

Wakefield Trinity have confirmed they have fined the individuals who broke COVID protocols on New Years Eve.

On the 2nd January, Wakefield had realeased a statement saying they were aware of footage, and would deal with the matter internally.

The club say they now consider the matter closed.

A short statement by the club says: “Following the incident on New Years Eve, the Club has now completed its investigations and discussions with the players concerned.

“All those involved have admitted they were wrong and have apologised, not only to the Club but to the wider public.

“They recognise that they are role models in society and all our players realise the gravity of the COVID situation right now.

“The players involved have been fined and given written warnings as to their future conduct. The monies will be donated by the Club to Wakefield Hospice, a charity close to the Club’s heart and one that does so much for the people of Wakefield. The Club regard the matter as now closed.”

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