Gentles clip among most watched in 2020

The RFL have revealed that Kelsey Gentles’ cover tackle for England against Australia in the World Nines in 2019 was the most watched clip from any sporting body in 2020.

A clip of the tackle went viral on Facebook, amassing an incredible tally of more than 34.5 million views.

The RFL’s research also suggests Kelsey’s never-say-die effort, when she ran the length of the field to pull down a rampaging Tiana Penitani, may have been the most-viewed clip of any female athlete globally in 2020 (discounting WWE).

Speaking about the tackle, Gentles said: “At the time I was just trying to make the tackle for my team and country, but to find out it has been so popular afterwards is a nice surprise. 

 “It is brilliant that Women’s Rugby League is gaining this level of traction online and it really emphasises how much the sport has grown over the last few years and the potential it has to continue even further.

 “Hopefully many of the people that viewed the clip will have enjoyed it enough to come and experience the sport in person, particularly with the Rugby League World Cup taking place at the end of this year.”

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