Wane hopes rule changes stay

England Head Coach Shaun Wane has said he hopes the rule changes brought in after the Super League restart will stay.

Rule changes following the restart to reduce unnecessary contact included the six again rule, which saw ruck infringements punished with the tackle count restarted, and scrums were scrapped.

Wane believes these rule changes made the games better to watch.

He said: “I think having no scrums has been fantastic. It has really sped the game up.

“I don’t get stressed about any rule changes. If the Aussies have one rule, and we don’t and then it gets brought in for the World Cup then it is easily fixed.

“Six again got rid of a lot of stoppages, and showed how athletic our players are.”

The rules committee is set to meet next week to discuss what rules will still be in the competition in 2021.

One thought on “Wane hopes rule changes stay

  1. What would speed the game is to stop the flopping after every tackle ,watched it too often a player tackled on the floor then 2 players dropping on.Its a flop but never gets penalised and its not needed at all

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