Oldham keep Bridge for 2021

Oldham have announced forward Danny Bridge has put pen to paper on a new contract covering the forthcoming 2021 season.

Bridge was recently cleared to resume his career, after his two-year ban for testing positive for cocaine was reduced to three months, after a change in rules regarding recreational drugs.

As he had already served ten months away from the game, he was free to play and train again and there was inevitable speculation about where he would go to pick up the pieces of his rugby league career.

Bridge said “I’m very happy to say I’m back at Oldham. It hasn’t been the best 12 months of my life, but I didn’t expect to be playing in 2021 so I’m very grateful for the change of rules and the reduction in my ban.

“I’ll be back training with the squad tonight (Fri) and I can’t tell you how good that will feel.

“I know what I did was illegal and wrong, but I never intended to cheat or to enhance my performance. There were issues in my life which had got on top of me and I made wrong choices in trying to deal with them.

Chairman Chris Hamilton added: “Danny is a very talented player, who made a big mistake and paid the price.

“What this has done, though, is to allow him to deal with issues outside the game. He got a lot of support and help and, hopefully, that will put him back on track.

“He now has an opportunity to fully embrace and to take advantage of the second chance he has been given.”

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