Why the Community game needs us

In March 2020, few knew the game would grind to a halt in the way it has done.

The pandemic originally brought everything to a halt. Although, the Super League was able to finish its season and now the Championship and League 1 have a route to restart.

Despite this, the community game remains at the back of the queue. April 2021 has been hinted as a potential return date, but that will mean it has been over 12 months since they have been able to play a game of any kind.

If it was impractical for Championship and League 1 clubs to play behind closed doors, then it definitely will be for community clubs.

Between pitch hire, referee fees, catering fees, etc., they would almost certainly lose money from playing without spectators.

With that in mind, when will it be deemed practical for the community game to come back?

A lot of clubs have been seeing through the period by doing their own fundraising. Whether it be from virtual challenges, to draws for prizes donated to the club, everyone has found a way.

But without games, there is a fear for how much longer clubs can go without playing games, and potential prize money.

With this in mind, when the opportunity comes up to see your local side play; take it. The clubs need all the support they can get, and without these clubs for players to find their feet, who knows what the future of the game holds?

Hopefully, it will not be too long until the community game returns, and clubs can ultimately get back to what they do best; play rugby.

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